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After completing the online application, please print the Waiver of Liability, sign it and mail it with a check for the initiation fee of  $300.00 plus yearly dues of $90.00 ($390.00 total – refunded if denied) to the following address:

Marsha Howells, 14214 122nd Ave, Anderson Island, WA 98303. Make check payable to Oro Bay Yacht Club.

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Initiation: $300 per household
Dues: $90/year due Jan 31. Refund if denied.

Additional information contact: Marsha Howells: (253) 884-4342
Moorage: Oro Bay Marina owned and operated by Oro Bay Properties. For moorage and rate information contact Jim Bixler at 253-606-5274 or

The Oro Bay Yacht Club functions by following an “Island Spirit” of cooperative volunteerism. Would you be interested in serving as a club officer, project leader, or committee member?

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