Reciprocal Moorage

Oro Bay Yacht Club Members General Courtesy Rules for Reciprocal Moorage

  1. Conduct yourself in a manner so as not to discredit your pennant.
  2. Fly your burgee while tied up at a host dock.
  3. Have a current Yacht Club membership card in your possession.
  4. Raft and accept rafting boats in situations where rafting is acceptable and encouraged.
  5. Observe good housekeeping rules with your boat and your electrical, water and dock lines.
  6. Register with the appropriate person upon your arrival at a host dock.
  7. Keep animals on a leash. Pet owners are responsible for their pets, including behavior and any deposits left by their pets.
  8. Do not have open fires or barbecues on the host docks.
  9. Observe host marina rules.
  10. Shut off auxiliary equipment between 2200 and 0800 hours.

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