Ship’s Bells and Handbells

International rules of the road (COLREGS) Rule 35

(g) A vessel at anchor (in restricted visibility) shall at intervals of not more than 1 minute ring the bell rapidly for about 5 seconds. In a vessel 100 meters or more in length the bell shall be sounded in the forepart of the vessel and immediately after the ringing of the bell the gong shall be sounded rapidly for about 5 seconds in the after part of the vessel. A vessel at anchor may in addition sound three blasts in succession, namely one short, one long and one short blast, to give warning of her position and of the possibility of collision to an approaching vessel.

Anderson Island Special Rule

When Oro Bay Yacht Club members (in this case Sarah Garmire and Kurt Sample) are ringing handbells for a Christmas performance (in this case Sunday, December 1st, 7:00 pm at the Community Clubhouse), Yacht Club Members and other prudent mariners will come cheer them on.

This a a FREE performance and guaranteed to be sweeter than any ship’s bell.

The Phog


Looking off the port quarter at Eagle Island.

Harvest Moon

So here's a pretty picture submitted by Dawn Atkission .

So here’s a pretty picture submitted by Dawn Atkission .

New OBYC Classified Ads

New to the website is a classified ads section.

Do you have something to sell or give away?  Do you need help with a project or do you have a service that you provide?  Do you need an item and you know that most likely another member may have it?

Well, you can post it onto the classifieds and not only the OBYC members will see it – but other boaters as well.

Only OBYC members can post ads (remember – your username is your email address  – everything before the “@”)

What goes in the box?

I am still pretty new to the Island. But, like a lot of people (both residents and visitors), I make a point to visit the general store’s bulletin board to see what stuff and services I can’t live without.

Happily nestled among other boxes.

Happily nestled among other boxes.

Today I discovered “the box”. The Oro Bay Yacht Club box. Holy pigeonhole Batman! Where did this come from. And why is it empty?

I am sure that many Yacht Club members will patiently explain to the “noob” what the box is for – and I can make a few guesses.

But… (to quote the Monkees) that was then and this is now.

Sunny and I talked about printed material on Friday between bites of burgers. (Excellent burgers, Joe, by the way.) We wondered about the purpose of the printed newsletter seeing as we have a website that posts the news as it happens – or when I get around to posting it. But that was before I knew about “the box”.

Alas, the box is empty.

Alas, the box is empty.

Now here is a challenge – something to think about. Assuming you were standing at the general store and there was actually something in the Oro Bay Yacht Club box – what would it be?  Remember – we are in the 21st Century, boaters are all sorts of people, we have summer residents, year-rounders, as well as visitors fascinated by the Island and all it contains. What wondrous epiphany (Sarah is going to rake me over the coals for using that word) could we bestow upon the people who reach into the box and pull out the matter contained wherewith?

Got an idea – send it to Sunny.  You may need to think outside the box.

At the Parade

Here’s the Float

Decorating the float was fun.  Here is a a tour…

And here are the members who came …

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Float Decorating Picnic


FRIDAY – 6:00 PM


2012 Parade

Come make the Boat Float for this year’s parade.

The theme for this year is “going green”. I’m not sure what we’ll do but we will decorate the boat. We will have burgers compliments of OBYC and a pot luck where people can bring their favorite picnic dish be it dessert or salad or whatever.

Pictures from a Bright and Sunny Commodore’s Barbecue

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Help for your friendly webmaster

Enthusiastically looking forward to Saturday’s Barbecue.  I do need help planning what to bring however.

Would Doritos be considered a dessert?

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