Looking out beyond Oro Bay.

Back in 1973 a forward-looking Chester Palmer purchased the tidelands which eventually became the site of the Oro Bay Sportsmen’s Club, predecessor of the Oro Bay Yacht Club. In 1986 Chet and a number of interested boaters formed the Oro Bay Sportsmen’s Club to provide moorage for its members. Some of the original members were Robert Smith, Leon Chapman, Ed Appel, Kenneth Schaffhauser, Al Voorhees, and Jack Kruckenberg.

Oro Bay Properties was formed in 1992 to open the way for purchase of tide land property for the Club. At the December 1992 meeting of the Sportsmen’s Club the name was officially changed to Oro Bay Yacht Club and in 1993 the present property was purchased for $75,000. The entire facility was constructed with Yacht Club volunteers. By the end of 1997, the Oro Bay Yacht Club had 66 members, 36 with boats tied at the marina.

Currently, Oro Bay Yacht Club membership does not guarantee you a slip in Oro Bay Properties Marina.

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