So…. anyone been boating

10360239_10203863654611303_1545819154852678833_nI have been enjoying this excellent end-of-spring, now that it has consistently stopped pouring down rain.

  • Last week I motored my very dirty sailboat to the Riviera Marina for Bob Garmire’s birthday party.  I had a few hours to kill so I grabbed one of the mooring buoys and while swinging there, scrubbed of our famous PacNW crud from the cockpit.
  • Did you know that the buoy nearest to the dock is the shallowest?  There is 20 ft difference betwixt #1 and #3 buoys.
  • Chasing the wind has been my routine lately.  It would be nice to have a “wind watch” system around the Island as the breezes vary greatly (and are usually where I am not).
  • The Oro Bay Marina has been pretty busy.  Sometimes I just go down and watch the boats come in to the outposts and to our own slips.  Some really interesting folks occasionally tie up at the reciprocal dock and are fun to talk to.

Anyways, I tweaked my work schedule to give me most Mondays off.  I hope for some great three day cruises all summer (wind would be a bonus).

What have you been doing.   Share your Summer 2014 boating adventures WITH THE WEBMASTER or ON FACEBOOK.

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